I’m loving this easy, yet dreamy little 3D paper bird’s nest!

I just love nature and am just tickled when I see it brought indoors.  Bird’s nests are an adorable way to add a bit of love and nature to your projects and they are oh-so-trendy in crafting right now!  This one is super quick and easy to make.  Wouldn’t it be adorable for an “about to hatch” baby shower?

This is all you need:

1. Your favorite Stampin’ Up! designer series paper.  My current favorite is Comfort Cafe which I used above.

2. Soft suede cardstock

3. Crystal Effects

4. 3 paper mache eggs

To do:


1. Cut your chosen designer series paper into strips.  The size and number of strips will vary depending on the size of the eggs you are using.  My eggs are 2 inches tall, so my strips were 1/2 inch wide and 2 1/4 inch long.  I cut my paper as I went so that I wouldn’t waste any paper.  It took 5 strips, but again it would vary depending on the size of the egg.

2.  Add Crystal Effects to the egg from end to end in the width of one of your strips and begin shaping your paper onto the egg.  You want the paper to be saturated enough with Crystal Effects that it is pliable, but not so wet that it rips.  The paper will not be completely smooth on the egg, but that is okay.  Just   fold, squish, pinch however you need to to form to the shape of the egg.   Continue around the egg with strips until it is covered.

3. If you want to, add a layer of Crystal Effects over the paper/egg for added shine and protection.  I balanced mine on the rim of an old baby bottle to dry, moving it periodically so that it didn’t stick and rip the paper when I moved it.


1. Use your Stampin’ Trimmer to cut 1 sheet of cardstock into 1/4 inch strips.

2. Separate into 4 bunches and scrunch the bunches a little in your hand to wrinkle.

3. Now I wish I had a better explanation for what comes next, but it is a messy nest so the only way I can think to describe it is to haphazardly weave the bunches together to form a nest.

And Voila!

Now get busy stampin’!